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The Welsh Wire: Fred Schubkegel, Varnum

Lack of access to legal expertise is no barrier to small business growth, thanks to MiSpringboard, the Varnum law firm’s statewide initiative that provides free legal services to Michigan startups.

“We didn’t want there to be any hesitancy or any barrier to a company staying in Michigan, starting in Michigan, growing in Michigan because they felt like they couldn’t figure out the legal aspects of it — how to lease the space, how to form the company, how to do the expansion they needed to do here in order to grow jobs here,” said Fred Schubkegel, Managing Partner for Varnum’s Southwest Michigan Office, who spoke with Sheri Welsh on this week’s Welsh Wire podcast.

Varnum launched MiSpringboard in 2011 by giving away $1 million in free legal services. The $1 million commitment was renewed in 2016.

The program is aimed at participants who are located in Michigan, have a written business plan and demonstrate a need for Varnum’s legal support. Over 400 startups in more than 100 cities have been assisted to date.

Watch Sheri’s entire interview with Fred Schubkegel or listen to the audio.

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