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The techniques and methodology used at Welsh & Associates are a customized process designed to meet and exceed your requirements. They are also the foundation of our success.

Our searches reveal candidates of a far higher caliber than those generated by a typical in-house search process. This means your time will be spent considering qualified candidates, rather than screening large amounts of unqualified applicants.

Our process uncovers those job seekers who will have a significant, positive impact on your organization. Your ideal candidate may already be employed or may be seeking to deliver greater impact in their career, but is unaware of you.

More than ninety percent of our placements are sourced from referrals and networking. In effect, we find the best candidates who are doing the work, not merely those looking for work. It is those successful individuals who will enable your company to flourish. It is precisely those individuals that the Welsh & Associates’ process uncovers.

Personalized Process

How we conduct a search is important. We’ve carefully crafted a step-by-step process designed to:

  • Assess Your NeedsYou talk; we listen. We’ll help guide the conversation to create a fully-formed outline that defines the search – from a job seeker’s background, experience and talents, to the day-to-day job duties, and accountabilities.
  • Build a Qualification ProfileTogether we’ll transform your needs analysis into a position description with specific experience criteria to clearly identify successful candidates.
  • Define the Search Strategy – As your partner, we’ll identify likely sources where candidates fulfilling your qualifications may be found and chart a search strategy that precisely fits our resources to your needs.
  • Construct a Project TimelineBased on the foundational work, we will estimate a timeline for the project defining the completion date and intermediate objectives.
  • Recruit and Qualify CandidatesThis is where our distinctive difference becomes apparent. Our process of networking combines referrals and direct contacts to prospects and uncovers a type and caliber of talent that you may not have thought possible.
  • Present a Short List of CandidatesOur process is designed to be your first round of screening. We produce candidates of quality as opposed to a quantity of resumes. Our process distills lists of maybes and possibles to a manageable selection of worthy candidates. Be confident that if a candidate’s resume is presented, it will represent a talent you will be interested in interviewing.
  • Manage the Client InterviewsWe will organize candidate interviews for discretion and convenience in addition to assisting with the coordination of travel plans and schedules as required.
  • Conduct Reference ChecksOnce a finalist has been chosen, we will complete the reference checks, interviewing previous employers, and verifying degrees (as appropriate).
  • Present the Offer PackageWe will coordinate the presentation of the offer to the candidate and present it to them on your behalf, if you wish.
  • Consult During the Transition PhaseWe will work with your new employee during their time of transition, prior to and immediately following their hire, to help ensure a successful transition.

Ready to implement Welsh & Associates’ process into your search? Contact us today.