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Flex Talent Acquisition

Welsh & AssociatesFlex Talent Acquisition program is a collaboration between you, our client, and our highly trained team and includes a total or partial outsource of your recruitment function. Our recruiting and staffing professionals work closely with you to identify your staffing needs and develop a customized strategy for talent acquisition and management.

As your talent acquisition partner, Welsh & Associates can place key personnel with extensive experience into a variety of areas including accounting and finance, engineering, sales, human resources, marketing, manufacturing, operations, and more. Outsourcing recruitment gives you a flexible and scalable model that evolves as your business and markets do.

Flex Talent Acquisition might be right for you, if you are:

  • Experiencing a lack of bandwidth in HR due to small HR staff, downsizing, and COVID-19 related issues
  • Ramping up a new business unit or expanding your business, where several new hires are anticipated over a given amount of time
  • Facing overwhelmed internal recruiters who are focused on hourly staffing or a large volume of positions to be filled
  • Desiring to work with a “consultant” (not just a “recruiter”) with dedicated resources applied to your project, committed to successfully completing your searches

How can you and your organization benefit from our Flex Talent Acquisition program?

  • Shortened time to fill — When you don’t have the time, or bandwidth, to land multiple, critical hires quickly and hiring managers won’t wait, our experience produces fast results.
  • Reduced recruiting costs – Experience savings based on how many positions you need to fill over the length of your contract.
  • Skill and experience — Since 2002, Welsh & Associates has provided expertise in talent attraction, selection, and retention. We fill the toughest of positions with rock star candidates quickly and efficiently with the utmost professionalism.
  • Partnership — Welsh & Associates is part of your team. Our staff becomes an extension of your staff and is fully dedicated to successfully managing your project through completion.

Welsh & Associates’ Flex Talent Acquisition program will help you source and attract highly qualified candidates, and hire them quickly. We don’t just find great hires; we find great people who will make the difference in your organization’s success and future growth.

Ready to experience Welsh & Associates’ Flex Talent Acquisition program? Contact us today.