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The Welsh & Associates team is eager to offer our talent acquisition services to your organization regardless of the nature of the position.

We consider ourselves your partner in leading your search process. In that role, we invest ourselves personally on your behalf to uncover the talent that will drive your company’s future at all levels within the organization.

Based on your preference, we can work directly with your hiring managers and other team members. By seamlessly integrating into your company, we can comprehend your company culture, appreciate the nature of the position, and fully understand its requirements.

Founded in 2002, Welsh & Associates is recognized as an industry leader by companies throughout all of West Michigan, including the greater Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids areas.

A Full Complement of Services

We will provide you with several service options that enable us to customize a search solution for your individual needs. These services include:

  • Retained SearchWith an emphasis on executive placement, we provide our clients outstanding candidates who consistently exceed their expectations. We employ proven techniques designed to minimize time to fill positions while generating exceptional candidates.
  • Contingency SearchBased on your requirements, we conduct an in-depth search often employing executive search techniques to find candidates who match your specific criteria. Final payment of search fees are “contingent” on the hiring of a referred candidate.
  • Flex Talent Acquisition – For those experiencing a lack of bandwidth in HR, are ramping up a new business unit or expanding their business, are facing overwhelmed internal recruiters, and/or are desiring to work with a “consultant” (not just a “recruiter”), our Flex Talent Acquisition program may be right for you.

Are these the services you’ve been looking for? Contact us today to find your next great hire.