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The Welsh Wire: Shawn Premer and Monica Lloyd

L-R: Shawn Premer and Monica Lloyd

Remote work will continue to be a reality in the business world in 2021, which means that business leaders will need to focus on maintaining employee morale and strengthening company culture, according to two top workplace experts who were interviewed by Sheri Welsh for this week’s The Welsh Wire podcast.

Shawn Premer is Chief Human Resources Officer for Consumers Credit Union in Kalamazoo, and thinks that most employees will work at least part time from home this year.

In order to make that successful, “you have to understand what each individual needs from you as a leader,” she says. “So having that conversation to say, hey, I know this environment is different. What do you need from me?”

Defining your company culture will also play a crucial role in keeping your employees engaged, says Monica Lloyd, Leadership Consultant with leadership development firm ADVISA.

“What we’re finding is defining [culture] and making sure that your leaders say it the same way, right? How would you describe our culture? And if you’re getting 10 different answers from 10 different leaders, then your employees are feeling your culture differently, because your leaders are doing it differently. So that’s one thing that we’re really helping our clients with is what does that look like? And then how do we create an employer brand that helps our managers with clear delineated guidelines so this behavior supports the culture?”

Always keep lines of communication open, says Premer. “If I can remind you of anything, just you cannot communicate too much, or in too many different ways.”

Listen to Sheri’s full interview with Shawn Premer and Monica Lloyd talk on this week’s The Welsh Wire podcast.

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