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The Welsh Wire: Jim Coyle, Nexus Business Solutions

Managing and maintaining growth is crucial to long term business success. A key factor is surrounding yourself with a great team that will allow your company to grow.

“Sometimes (owners) don’t have the right people,” says Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) expert Jim Coyle of Nexus Business Solutions in an interview with Sheri Welsh for the Welsh Wire Podcast. “Right now everyone is struggling to get great people. EOS helps you figure out what that is in regards to what you’re looking for — this is a person who is going to fit into our culture, they care about what we care about. And then we know exactly what seat they’re going to be sitting in.”

Coyle says that in today’s tight labor market, smart business owners understand the value in securing a hiring specialist who can connect their business needs with the workers who can address those needs.

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Jim Coyle.

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