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The Welsh Wire: Tom Mathison, Mathison | Mathison Architects

If you want to successfully launch a business with your children, a spouse or other family member, it’s important for everyone to have a professional, business-oriented attitude. “Be respectful of each other,” says Tom Mathison, who with his son Evan Mathison (a fellow architect) founded Mathison | Mathison Architects in 2013. “In whatever relationship you have as a family you’ve got to set boundaries in terms of your private life and your professional life and make sure you handle your professional life in a professional way.”

Tom was recently interviewed by Sheri Welsh for the Welsh Wire Podcast.

Mathison | Mathison has enjoyed widespread recognition across the west Michigan region for its innovative, energy-efficient sustainable designs and historic building preservation. Tom says identifying a voice and mission was crucial to their early success. “Trusting that voice was also an important part of what we did at the very beginning,” he says. “We could easily simply have responded to every opportunity that came along (but) we’ve tried to be selective with our opportunities. We’ve had to turn down some things because it simply did not fit our vision of where we wanted to go.”

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Tom Mathison to learn more about the rewards and challenges of running a family-owned business.

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