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The Welsh Wire: Mary Jane Mapes of The Aligned Leader Institute

What is the “executive presence” that helps you better engage with people and be a leader?

“I always define it as a combination of what I would call poise, confidence, and authenticity,” said Mary Jane Mapes, a leadership/communication strategist, executive coach, and founder of The Aligned Leader Institute in Portage, Mich.

Joining Sheri Welsh on The Welsh Wire podcast, Mapes explained executive presence is all about how you act.

“The aspect of how you act is that emotional control – your ability to manage your mind, master your emotions, so that you can ultimately control your behavior,” Mapes said.

Mapes went on to discuss how anyone can learn how to develop grace under pressure, a crucial element of executive presence.

“All of my coaching clients I have them do this, and those that will actually follow through and do it begin to see patterns,” Mapes said. “And once you begin to see a pattern you heighten your awareness. We know awareness is the beginning of change.

“This is the process: I say, get a binder, a three-ring binder. And every day when you begin to feel agitated, or you begin to feel frustrated or irritated or some negative emotion rises up that could lead to some negative behavior, then write it down.

“These are the four things to write down. Number one, what was happening? In other words, what happened when that came up? Number two, what were you thinking? Number three, how are you feeling? And number four, this is the big one, what were you really telling yourself?”

Learn more about developing your executive presence when Mary Jane Mapes talks with Sheri Welsh on this week’s The Welsh Wire podcast.

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