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The Welsh Wire: Gary Kushner of Kushner & Company


Everyone in business uses technology, so it’s less of a competitive advantage. Instead, an important trend that organizations are recognizing today is that people are the key to success. That means strategic HR is becoming a requirement, not just an option, according to nationally-known employee benefits expert Gary Kushner, President and CEO of Kushner & Company in Portage.

He shared his insights on the future of work and the impact on strategic HR when he was interviewed by Sheri Welsh for The Welsh Wire podcast.

“The C suite, the CEOs, CFOs of the world, began realizing in the early 2000s and it continues today that people are my competitive advantage. How do I attract, retain and engage the best possible candidates, the key talent I’m going to need throughout my organization? How do I do talent acquisition, talent management and talent engagement? The most successful firms today by a number of research studies, and by looking at the most successful large, publicly traded firms, are those that have figured out how to leverage their people as their competitive advantage.”

Kushner says key trends to be aware of in 2020 are demographic changes around the globe that are driving a more diverse workplace, the socially connected workplace that is getting work done outside the four walls of the organization, the rise of microworkers (the gig economy) that is impacting short and long-term workforce planning, and the way the machine learning will improve how certain work is done but still not replace humans anytime in the near future.

Listen to Sheri’s full interview with Gary Kushner.

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