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Sheri Welsh interviews Shannon Brosink and Cassie Goodband of Keyser InsuranceThe Welsh Wire: Shannon Bronsink and Cassie Goodband, Keyser Insurance

A couple of Kalamazoo insurance executives are shaking up the West Michigan human resources world through their participation in a global event series called DisruptHR.

Shannon Bronsink, Director of Marketing & Communications for Keyser Insurance Group in Kalamazoo, and Cassie Goodband, Keyser Sales Executive, organized Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids DisruptHR events last summer. They talked about the program with Sheri Welsh for The Welsh Wire.

“One of the things that we like to do is bring value to our client relationships, so one of our core values is always learn and grow,” Bronsink says. “If we can help our clients do that, even better. So we brought Disrupt HR to them so they can learn about HR in a different way.”

What’s different is DisruptHR’s dynamic, fast-moving presentation scheme — 14 speakers get only five minutes each, with slides rotating every 15 seconds. “I think HR people, a lot of times get the reputation for being boring and really serious, good at following rules. Disrupt HR is the exact opposite of that. The whole idea is to inform, energize, empower people who work in this space and get them to think differently about their work,” says Bronsink.

Goodband says DisruptHR provides value beyond the HR space. “I love spending time with our future clients, we get to deepen our relationship with them, bring them value,” she says. “We learned about some challenges that they have beyond insurance. And then we connected them with people that could identify with that and help them in ways that we can.”

A Kalamazoo DisruptHR event is scheduled for May 1. Learn more.

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Shannon Bronsink and Cassie Goodband.

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