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The Welsh Wire: Jim Medsker, Keystone Solutions Group

A 20-year veteran in the fast moving and dynamic manufacturing industry has a sage suggestion for how to be a successful entrepreneur.

“Keep your gauges at nominal,” says Jim Medsker, president of Keystone Solutions Group, a Kalamazoo-based product development and contract manufacturing firm focusing on medical devices, automotive and aerospace. Jim was recently interviewed by Sheri Welsh for the Welsh Wire Podcast.

“In life you have a lot of gauges — happiness, sadness, excitement, frustration, anxiety — you’re going to experience all of those to the max,” Jim says. “The key is, and where your strength comes from, is keeping your gauges at nominal not only through the tough times but also the good times. Stay even-keeled and that will help you weather the storms.”

Another bit of key advice from Jim: expect that everything you plan will take longer and cost more!

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Jim Medsker.

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