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The Welsh Wire: Jesse Young, Kreis Enderle

Non compete agreements can be an important component of your plan for long term business success.

Jesse Young, an attorney for the west Michigan-based Kreis Enderle law firm, tells Sheri Welsh in this week’s Welsh Wire Podcast interview that there are several specific reasons a company should consider requiring a non compete agreement for their employees. “Basically, to protect their customer (relationships), enhance the value of the company should they ever want to sell the company (a potential buyer may want to know that all the employees have signed non competes) and to shape the ground rules for any potential litigation,” he says.

Young also advises business owners to consider having an attorney tailor a non compete agreement that really fits their business model. “It’s good to have an attorney that you can discuss your business with, to talk with them about the ins-and-outs,” he says. “The attorney can figure out from there what’s reasonable as far as the scope, the duration and the geography and all that.”

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Jesse Young.

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