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The Welsh Wire: Marc Foerster, Crystal Flash

If you sense that your sales have stagnated, that you’re not as operationally efficient as you used to be, or that you’re not providing the level of customer service that you’d like, then consider implementing a market segmentation project at your company — basically, sorting your customers by differentiators like gross margin, sales volume or location.

“Anytime’s a good time to look at market segmentation if we can add clarity to our business and understand it,” says Marc Foerster, Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Crystal Flash. Foerster was recently interviewed by Sheri Welsh for the Welsh Wire Podcast.

“The difficulty (with market segmentation) is that it does take some work, it does distract us from other things that may be the day-to-day priorities,” Foerster says. “It takes a commitment from people and to understand that it is not a short-term payoff.”

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Marc Foerster.

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