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The Welsh Wire: Doug Lepisto, Sleeping Giant Capital

“We’re all about creating a big win” for sellers of west Michigan businesses and their potential buyers, according to Doug Lepisto, co-founder and managing partner of Sleeping Giant Capital.

Sleeping Giant Capital (which Lepisto says is 80 percent focused on west Michigan) connects sellers, aspiring owner-operators, and investors with the goal of completing a successful acquisition and transition of small business ownership, he tells Sheri Welsh on The Welsh Wire podcast.

“So for us, that means creating a win for the aspiring owner operator who comes through our program, changing their life,” he says. “You’re not getting a certificate when you come take our class, you are getting a life change. That’s the promise of it. We want to make an impact and provide a trusted option for those sellers who know that we have a partner that would be acquiring their business but with a long term hold with aligned values that want to take care of their stakeholders.”

Sleeping Giant Capital has a relationship within the Western Michigan University Haworth College of Business Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy, where Lepisto is co-director. The center serves students, executives and the west Michigan business community by providing deeply immersive opportunities that combine education and professional business experience, undertaking large scale consulting projects, providing executive mentorship for students, designing “learning spaces of the future” and supporting students in acquiring and operating small businesses.

Learn more about Sleeping Giant Capital and The Haworth College of Business Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy when Sheri Welsh talks with Doug Lepisto on this week’s The Welsh Wire podcast.

Listen to Sheri’s full interview with Doug Lepisto.

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