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The Welsh Wire: Cynthia Kay, Cynthia Kay and Company

Video interviews with current employees, used on your website and in social media posts, can play a really important role in enhancing employee acquisition. But you need to be consistent and in it for the long run.

“What we’re really looking for is building a program, building a presence, having people become aware of your company, understanding your brand, feeling comfortable with it,” says video expert Cynthia Kay, owner of Cynthia Kay and Company in Grand Rapids. “And that takes some time. So, if you’re in it for the long haul you want to think about that.”

Cynthia was recently interviewed by Sheri Welsh for the Welsh Wire podcast.

Prospective employees want to hear someone from your firm “tell their company story,” Cynthia says. And video is a great way to tell that story because it’s authentic and believable. “When done well it’s a phenomenal recruitment tool,” she says.

Other small business video tips from Cynthia:

  • Keep it fresh by constantly adding new content
  • Keep it simple — don’t overproduce
  • Look for employee achievements you can highlight

Watch Sheri’s entire interview with Cynthia Kay.

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