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The Welsh Wire: Shawn Premer, Consumers Credit Union

Consumers Credit Union is one of west Michigan’s premier financial institutions and a desirable employer of choice. It attained that status thanks to their development of a well-respected workplace culture, manifested by their gleaming new employee-friendly headquarters on the west side of Kalamazoo.

Sheri Welsh recently talked on the Welsh Wire podcast with Shawn Premer, Consumers Credit Union Chief Human Resources Officer, about how to improve workplace culture. “The very first step is to make sure that leadership is on the same page with wanting the change,” Premer says. “You can’t change a culture, reboot a culture, unless you have cohesiveness at the top. Because it really needs to come from the top down. They (leadership) have to be living and breathing the values that you say you want reflected in that culture.”

Premer says it’s also important to ask your team members what they like about the company culture and working at your firm, and what you need to do to keep them engaged. Finally, she advises taking action on the answers you get.

Watch Sheri’s entire interview with Shawn Premer or listen to the audio.

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