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The Welsh Wire: Brad Morrill, Crystal Flash

Setting up a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM, can improve the way your small business interacts with customers and potential clients.

Brad Morrill, director of commercial business for Crystal Flash, a 100 percent employee owned fuel supplier based in Grand Rapids, was recently interviewed by Sheri Welsh on her weekly Welsh Wire podcast and shared some of his important insights on how a CRM has improved Crystal Flash’s business processes.

“We’re trying to capture all the connections that have,” he says. “When a person calls in and asks us questions, they need help, they’re looking for a new product or something, we try to capture every touch point that we have with a customer so we can see that history over time. Phone calls, visits by sales people…we’re trying to capture information about the people themselves so that we can remember that, remember names.”

Integrating that information with Crystal Flash’s back office operations gives their sales representatives an opportunity to provide better service, Morrill says. “We’ve got five years of transactional history immediately at a click so someone can see what the customer has done with us for five years, every year. So, every gallon of diesel, how many gallons of propane, etcetera, so we know exactly what’s going on with this customer. One place to kind of view the whole setup with the customer.”

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Brad Morrill.

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