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The Welsh Wire: Amy Ritsema, OnSite Wellness

One of the biggest benefits to having a wellness program for employees is that is demonstrates that you value your workers as people.

“When you offer a program that says, hey, we care about you, the employees really value that,” says Amy Ritsema, co-owner of OnSite Wellness in Grand Rapids. Their services include designing, developing, implementing and administering customized wellness programs for businesses. Ritsema was interviewed by Sheri Welsh for the Welsh Wire Podcast.

“There are a lot of soft-sided returns (to wellness programs), things like productivity levels that increase when your employees are mentally and physically well. There are retention and recruitment opportunities when you have a wellness solution. The millennial generation, that younger generation, is looking for wellness solutions. So as you’re going out there and you’re hiring, there’s a lot to be said about being able to say hey, and we have a wellness program onsite that’s available for all of our employees.”

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Amy Ritsema

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