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The Welsh Wire: Park Kersman and Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries

There are not many small firms that stay in business for 75 years, through three generations of family ownership. But Lorin Industries in Muskegon, a leader in aluminum finishing and coil anodizing solutions, has thrived by being willing to change with the times — including implementing a recent marketing reboot.

“It’s so important to know who you are, and what you know, what you mean to the marketplace,” says Lorin Industries President and CEO Park Kersman when asked what he would advise other business considering big changes in their marketing. “There’s a lot of information that that can come from getting an understanding of your position in the market, and the perceptions of the markets and your customers.”

Park and his Vice President for Global Sales & Marketing Phil Pearce were interviewed by Sheri Welsh for The Welsh Wire podcast.

Phil says it’s important not to be afraid of making marketing changes. “(If) you really do a thorough investigation of who you are, what you’re all about, what you have to offer the market, then you’ve got to go in with both feet,” he says. “If you just stick your toe in you will not succeed. Because of how much work we’re putting into the brand right right now, all the things that we’re changing, if we stopped there and didn’t continue to promote and aggressively support that, I don’t think that we would have the success that we expect.”

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Park Kersman and Phil Pearce.

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