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The Welsh Wire: Todd Mulder of Old National Bank and Heidi and Amanda Smith of 2K Tool

Family-owned small businesses face lots of challenges. 2K Tool, founded 15 years ago by Heidi Smith and her son Kevin, has navigated a path to growth and success by having a productive partnership with their banker, Old National Bank. “I think that partnering with a banker who understand your industry is very important, [who] understands the manufacturing industry a lot, and you have to click in a way that you trust the relationship, too,” Heidi says.

2K Tool is an innovative leader in custom machining and mold making. It has 25 employees in Grand Rapids, including Heidi’s husband, her daughter Amanda, who serves as operations manager, and Heidi’s son-in-law Aric.

Todd Mulder is a commercial banker and business consultant for Old National Bank and has worked closely with 2K Tool for nearly a decade, helping them with with payment and credit issues specific to their industry, among other things. “ I really feel that Todd has our best interest at heart and I can communicate quite well with him,” Heidi says. “Having a banker who is knowledgeable and invested in us as a business makes the biggest difference. We definitely are looking forward to a continued relationship with Todd and Old National. I trust his answers to us. I don’t think he’s scared to say this probably isn’t a good idea, so it’s very [valuable] to have an open relationship [where] you can be very honest.”

Learn more about how a trusted banking adviser can contribute to small business success by listening to Sheri Welsh’s entire Welsh Wire interview with Heidi Smith, Amanda Smith and Todd Mulder by clicking here.

Listen to Sheri’s entire interview with Todd Mulder, Heidi Smith, and Amanda Smith.

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