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The Welsh Wire: Park Kersman and Phil Pearce, 75th Anniversary, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin Industries, Inc. of Muskegon, the global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, in 2018 celebrates 75 years in business. Sheri Welsh interviewed Lorin Industries President and CEO Park Kersman and his Vice President for Global Sales & Marketing Phil Pearce for The Welsh Wire podcast to learn more about this significant business milestone.

“We want to continue to be stewards of our community, stewards of the environment and continue contributing as the community has contributed to us,” Park told Sheri. “We’re proud to be in Muskegon, we plan on staying in Muskegon for as long as we are around. Park is the third generation of his family to be involved with Lorin Industries. “Every family situation is unique,” he said. “I’ve spoken to other family business owners that are either first, second or third generation and the opportunity is really to embrace the uniqueness of your own family business. It’s so critical to maintain a balance that enables the company to be sustainable moving forward while involving the family so that so that they can contribute to that sustainability.” Not only is Park the third generation owner of the business, there are third generation employees still working at the firm. “You don’t get that with every company,” said Phil Pearce. “In the course of the year we have been having some of these (longtime) employee do testimonials where they talk about it. And this has proven to be a really nice recruiting tool for us as well.”

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