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The Welsh Wire: Cynthia Kay, Cynthia Kay & Company Media Production

A notable west Michigan’s small business leader, author and public speaking expert says every great presentation zeros in on the needs of the audience. “It’s not what you want to tell someone, it’s what does that audience need to hear,” Cynthia Kay tells Sheri Welsh in their interview for The Welsh Wire. “I have a saying that I do in every single class — at the heart of every great presentation is a need, that one sentence that people need to think about. “Cynthia is the longtime owner of Cynthia Kay & Company Media Production in Grand Rapids and has served in leadership positions in numerous business associations and volunteer organizations. She is also a well-known executive coach and communications trainer. When making presentations, business leaders need to use concise, powerful language language that connects with people, she says. “Your language has to be different — scripted, colorful and active. The other thing that people need to think about is that often their visuals are just awful.
They are old, they’re cluttered, they’re ordinary clip art. You have to really look at remaking visuals.” Finally, she recommends giving a spectacular presentation every time, with all your energy. “And be open to receiving feedback” so you can improve, she says.

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