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The Welsh Wire: Best of 2018

Sheri Welsh

Sheri Welsh interviewed lots of fascinating business leaders on The Welsh Wire podcast this year. Listen to this week’s show to hear from some of her best guests:

  • One of the first steps in managing risk in your business is to identify what the risks are. And who knows better what risks are out there than the men and women on the front lines: your employees. “We use as an employee interview system, we actually get a list of the employees that a company will want us to interview confidentially and we ask them what they think the risk issues are,” says Randy Boss, a risk management expert and partner in Ottawa Kent Insurance. Presented in association with the Family Business Alliance.
  • A notable west Michigan’s small business leader, author and public speaking expert says every great presentation zeros in on the needs of the audience. “It’s not what you want to tell someone, it’s what does that audience need to hear,” says Cynthia Kay. “I have a saying that I do in every single class —  at the heart of every great presentation is a need, that one sentence that people need to think about.“
  • One of the biggest benefits to having a wellness program for employees is that is demonstrates that you value your workers as people. “When you offer a program that says, hey, we care about you, the employees really value that,” says Amy Ritsema, co-owner of OnSite Wellness. Their services include designing, developing, implementing and administering customized wellness programs for businesses.
  • What is leadership? How is it different than management?“A lot of people think about leadership as the people part, the part where you lead people. Management is about managing things because you really can’t manage people,” says executive coach Mary Jo Asmus, founder and President of Aspire Collaborative Services LLC. “You don’t lead things, you lead people. People are messy or complex. If you try to manage people you’re going to get into a heap of trouble.”

Listen to Sheri’s best guests of 2018

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