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Elevate: It’s Your Move

Lessons From the Detroit Lions

So much has been said about the Detroit Lions’ historic playoff run this season. It was truly remarkable. We believe there are some unique lessons inherent in their grit and culture. It’s not the same old, usual stuff! Read on to learn what inspired us the most.

“What makes Jared Goff so good? He’s very competitive… Goff’s Superpowers? …his ability to stay calm, stay resilient.”
– Dan Campbell

As the team leader, Jared didn’t always get it right. He made plenty of mistakes last season, and in some cases, he even had fans calling for Dan to take him out and put in the second-string quarterback! Dan never did, though. He knew who he could count on, and he knew his player could deliver even in the most challenging of situations.

How are you looked at by your leadership? Do they see you as someone they can depend on because you are competitive, steady, calm, and resilient? Are you the person that can be counted on in the most challenging situations to make big plays and bounce back from adversity? Individual contributors like that are a company’s most valuable asset.

“You don’t know which play is going to make the difference.”
– Dan Campbell

Simple, but true.

Who knows what today holds or if the action you’re about to take is going to have impact? If you’re playing at a high level backed by solid data and flawless execution, you’ll have impact and make a difference. It may not be in the first few months of your new job or even in the first few years of your career, but if you stay committed to delivering your work with excellence, you will enjoy the thrill of making a game-winning play on multiple occasions.

That’s what building a remarkable and successful career is all about! Make every move like it’s the one that matters the most.

“Compatibility is more important than coachability.”
– Dan Campbell

This is not to say that coachability doesn’t matter. On the contrary – it matters a lot!

What he is saying is that if you work in a culture where you don’t fit, where you can’t buy in, where it’s just not your style – coachability goes out the window. You can’t be coached, trained, or developed to be a top performer in an environment where you don’t embrace the day-to-day style and ethics of the team. Take a critical look at where you are now. If success seems elusive, it may just be the culture to blame. If you find you’re not compatible with the team, it’s time to move on.

These are just a few of the unique lessons we learned from the home team. As true Michiganders, we love their grit and determination, and we hope you do too. It’s what we bring to our work every day.

Please let us know if we can help as you build your career and find your way to a playoff team.

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