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Elevate: It’s Your Move

How Do I Look?

Workplace dress codes have changed. We’ve all found greater comfort and freedom in our work lives with this “dress for your day” approach, but it has also sparked confusion over what to wear for the all-important business meeting or interview. These are just a few questions many of us are considering when we prepare for that important business conversation. We have some thoughts on this.

First Impressions:

Your mom was right – you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. What does your appearance convey in your initial greeting and handshake?

Research the Company:

Get a feel for the company’s dress code by checking out their website or social media. This can offer valuable insight into what is considered appropriate attire there.

Maintain Professionalism:

Aim to maintain a professional appearance. Avoid clothing that is too revealing, overly casual, bold, extreme or adorned with loud prints. You want the attention focused on you – not on your distracting apparel.

Fit and Grooming Still Matter:

Regardless of the dress code, well-fitted, well-groomed attire always leaves a positive impression. Can’t button that top button? Can’t breathe when you’re sitting down in those pants? Just say no to that outfit. Also, make sure your clothes are clean and crisply pressed. Pay attention to small details like polished shoes and well-manicured hands. (Yep, that goes for guys, too.)

Dress Slightly Above the Norm:

In an interview situation, err on the side of formality. This shows respect for the occasion and demonstrates that you take the opportunity seriously. When looking to land the job or the deal, you really can’t be “overdressed”. You will feel much more confident when dressed like the CEO, as opposed to just a member of the team.

An interview or an important business meeting with a client is not just an opportunity to showcase skills and experience but also a chance to demonstrate professionalism and respect for the company’s values and culture. While the work environment may have become more relaxed, the value of a polished and professional appearance will never go out of style.

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