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Our Methods Drive Results

Achieve Your Recruitment Goals With Elijah From Welsh & Associates

Welcome! I’m Elijah. Acting as the link between your company and the talented people who can strengthen it, the entire Welsh team and I work passionately to get your recruitment efforts across the finish line. Our success lies in our approach.

Don’t believe me yet? Take a look at our placement stats.

  • For every 1.5 candidate presentations we make to our clients, we get an interview. In other words, our clients choose to interview almost every candidate we send them.
  • For every 2.3 interviews our clients hold, we fill a job. We don’t waste our clients’ or candidates’ time – when a candidate is selected for an interview, they’re good on paper AND in person.
  • Only 1% of our candidates turn down an offer. Our candidates are solid and well vetted. We know what they want and make sure our clients understand that too.
  • It takes us roughly 31 calls to recruit an ideal candidate for a position. We aren’t just grabbing names from a database; we’re working hard for you. We provide a service that most internal recruiters and HR teams will not.

Want to make these results ring true for your business? Let’s talk.

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